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A Chocolate Dream

Last night as I slept a thought creeped into my mind.
a image so clear and perfectly defined.
Your body milk chocolate wrapped up with mines.
My caramel skin touched yours, the feel was so fine.
As we lay we explored the sweet taste of lips.
Tongues collided in and out of endless dips.
As we merged ourselves into this chocolate sensation.
I wondered should I indulge in this temptation.
But no time to think as I watch this dream unfurl
Our legs intertwined reminded me of caramel swirls.
All I can say to myself was what a treat for my thoughts.
Candy wrappers being removed was actually clothes coming off.
As our bodies meshed, we melted into a perfect mess.
And dripping chocolate and caramel was actually our body sweat

Written by Lynesha Lima


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