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How can I feel nothing yet I pretend to feel something
what to me is so surreal is to him such a big deal
he talks of loving me, I feel nothing when he is hugging me.
I have no temptation, I feel no sensations,
now I face my realizations,
all along I have been faking,
wearing these different faces,
so I had him mistaking,
falling in love with what I was creating,
every move I made I debated,
said the right words because I knew that he related.
Smiled when he smiled, tried to be intimate.
Somehow I couldn't push myself to that limit.
Wanted to love him but the feelings wouldn't come,
even though he swore that I was obviously the one.
Still I could find myself wanting another,
Even pictured his best friend as my lover.
What kind of person am I, well i'm simply human.
Wishing I never got nobody caught up in this confusion.

Written by Lynesha Lima


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