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Texting You

I smiled at the phone when your name appeared on my screen.
I read your message repeatedly like I was a fiend.
I replied quickly and impatiently waited to hear your ringtone.
What an obsession I have with you and this phone.
When you send that smiley face,
all my troubles erase.
What a great day I have,
when you send a joke to make me laugh.
Sometimes our conversations are deep,
I love to text you until you fall asleep.
Then early in the morning you apologize,
I roll over and read your words with sleep in my eyes.
Then I usually reply don't worry its alright,
You ask how was my night.
I think to myself how polite,
wanting to dial your number and hear your voice,
But obviously I made another choice.
Now we secretly send our words through these messages frequently,
talking about things not possible in our reality.

Written by Lynesha Lima


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