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Still Beautiful

She had her first baby at fifteen,
she then looked at life as a shattered dream,
Ambition lost; she was just a teen...
and this girl could've been a beauty queen.
Hair down to her back,
he used to pull it in the sack,
Now she looks for him,
he does'nt seem to want her back.
Caramel complexion, nice figure to match,
fell in love with the wrong guy, became too attached.
He introduced her to some drugs, her whole being collapsed.
When she tried to quit, all she did was relapse.
Seventeen, baby number two on the way,
what should she do mommy already got custody of lil' Jay
Doctor's sayin there's some risks, she's keepin it anyway.
Maybe she'll straighten up so she can watch the kids play.
Hospital room, she's all alone, where's that damn dead beat dad
Oh she left him high, head in some powder acting mad
Strong contractions, the doctors talking something bad...
What's that? heart problems, her young face looks sad.
Who to call what to do they say the baby can't breath
Alright honey you can do it push one, two, three
A little thing 4 lbs. 2 oz. rushed to surgery.
Mama need rest so she close her eyes to go to sleep
No visitors she caught the bus home,
all stressed out because she had to do this all alone.
Walked in the house her man is on the phone,
Turns around smiling hey baby welcome home
Hey where's the baby? He says scratching his head
She chokes back tears my baby is dead...
He goes to punch the wall but decides to hug her instead,
She pushes him away, im going to bed.
She lays down and replays the doctors words
Do you know a mother is a fetus' life cord?
Did you know your cocaine
went straight to her brain?
She's hurting so bad she can't take this lifestyle anymore.
She walks out im leaving he's screaming whatever whore...
She can't believe it she thought to him she was more,
She calls her mom, can I come home? Sure.
Went to a program, got her system cleansed.
Cleared her phone book of all her many men.
Went to church and got saved, washed away many sins.
Took a G.E.D class, made plenty friends.
Started a job, they loved her paid her way to go to school,
majored in nursing, realized she was much more than a fool.
Her son adored her, they did everything together,
he was her sunshine whenever she was feeling rainy weather.
Still had her bad days.. that's when she knelt down and prayed.
Smiled when God replied, you're still beautiful anyway....

Written by Lynesha Lima


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