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4 Letter Pain

He wonders how many calls he'll have to make
The stakes are high this time
He wipes his eyes and contemplates his fate
Marks the date as the day his world fell apart
Dark news
Dead man's blues in his ears
His worst fear come to life
How much longer does he have before the concrete slab marks his years
Before the salt from his tears preserves his decay
Before he lays in eternal slumber
He wonders, how many lives this demon will affect
Defective blood now coursing through his veins
A four letter stain he can't erase
He wonders if he can trace its origins
Foreign women whose names he can't remember
It's September and he tallies 8 this month alone
He wishes he had known his lovers, or at least covered himself
He looks at the shelf, the box untouched
He has paid for his lust with the ultimate pain
He hears the doctor's refrain over and over again and wonders.....
When will AIDS take him

Written by Stephanie Kemp aka… TheLioness


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