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I wasn't created for that!!!

I wasn't created for BMW's, Range Rover's and Cadillac's.
Hustlers standing in front of bars.
Sugar Daddies buying me furs and diamond rings.

I wasn't created for my mother to hate me because I look just like my father.
Smack me because I act like the man she once loved.
Never support my goals because she's stuck in the past.

I wasn't created for my father to abandon me at the age of five years old.
Never take me to the park and push me on the swings.
Never hug me and say baby girl it's going to be okay.

I wasn't created for my uncle to look at me with passion.
Smile at me and lick his lips when he passes me.
Accidentally touch my breast when no one is looking.

I wasn't created for my boyfriend to buy me coach bags
and prada shoes in exchange for my innocence.
Never introduce me to his mother.
Cheat on me with a friend and then buy me roses.

I wasn't created for my husband to raise his fist at me.
Bruise my eye.
Knock me down and make me feel less then a woman.

I just wasn't created for that

Written by Nicole Little


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