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Beauty…You Are

Skin so chocolate and sweet.
A complexion of caramel, cinnamon, and mahogany.

Hair so black and rich.
Flowing long and thick.

Hips that are curved and round.
They symbolize your dark history.

Lips that are luscious, plump, and soft.
The touch of them will take some one above.

A smile so sweet, pure, and bold.
Your life tells a story that has never been told.

Personality that motivates, inspires, and shines bright.
Your persona cannot be measured; it can only give pleasure.

Ancestors that were departed from their rich, wealthy, and glorious homeland.
Packed on ships like cargo.

Your great grandmother, grandmother, and mother were raped by their master.
Raped of their possessions, pride, and jewels, but never their soul.

Society has tried to decapitate you.
History has tried to haunt you.

But your victorious soul still flourished.
You are a Queen and you will forever hold the crown.
                        You are beautiful.
                                    And beauty is your name.

Written by Nicole Little


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