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I am from…

I am from my Father.
My originator, protector, and support system.
A musically gifted and talented man.
The man who made me watch karate on Saturday nights.

I am from my Mother.
My nurturer, adviser, defender, and friend.
A godly lady who values morals and stewardship.
The lady who taught me how to get down on my knees and pray.

I am from America.
The land of the free.
Home where the towers once stood.
A place where dreams can crumble or prosper.

I am from Africa.
The land of royalty and wealth.
The birth place of Queen Nerfititi, Elijah McCoy, and Charles Drew.
A place where bravery and hard work is valued.

I am from God.
My strength and my all.
A supreme being that will never forsake me.
Without him I would not exist.

Written by Nicole Little


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