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I Strive To Shine

The man I strive to be
Strong powerful stable
Elegant classy worldly
Sexy provocative alluring
Complete content satisfied
I sometimes wonder
Am I asking for too much?
Are my expectations too high?
Am I high?
For going on and on
About one day achieving a life of sobriety
And finally be accepted by society
Viewed as a human being
For once in my life
Instead of being looked at as
A drunk, a nigga, a faggot
A sex object for sale
The man I strive to be
A sober homosexual
Of African-American descent
With a ring on his finger
Kool-Aid smiles for days at a time
Joyous laughter echoes in my heart
Childlike innocence invades my spirit
To make being a grown-up
Just a little bit easier
Instead of stomping I'm gliding
I'm a bit more lighter on my feet
A weight has been lifted
I'm able to move more freely
With such grace and flexibility
With each step I take
The man I strive to be
Gentle as a hug
Sensual as a kiss
Cleansing as a tear
Sincere as the truth
Luminous radiant glowing
It's my time to shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Written by L. Johnson


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