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My Kind Of Beautiful

I am nobody's sex symbol
And I don't try to be anymore
I don't paint my face
I just cleanse, tone, and moisturize
Only because I don't like pimples
Or any type of acne
As far as my hair goes
I gave up on getting waves
Ain't got time for all that
Pomade applying and hair brushing
Fuck that shit
And fuck braids too
Sitting between someone's legs
So they can play in my hair
Ain't got time for that shit neither
My time is better spent on taking showers
I just can't stand being dirty
Rather be clean than to be pretty
I'm not a big fan of cologne
Too overwhelming on the senses
Eventually I'll get a headache
Personally I prefer scented lubrication
Lotions, oils, cocoa butter
Smoothing out my rough edges
With a touch of deodorant under my arms
That's all the fragrance I need
Mani's and pedi's
I can do those myself
Sometimes I feel like exercising
Sometimes I don't
I'll admit sometimes I used to skip a meal
Or two or three
Just to look like them stars on T.V.
But a nigga like me loves to eat
So you know what that means?
Fuck that shit
Ain't got time for that shit neither
Arching my brows?
When there's ice skating in hell
During the summer season
I'm obsessed with shaving
Every nook and cranny
Until winter rolls around
Then I'll be wolfing it
I call it my winter fur
I'm not fixated on being something I'm not
I've accepted the fact
I'm not fancy or luxurious
I'm just a dark skinned boy from the projects
With simple needs and simple wants
And that's what makes me beautiful

Written by L. Johnson


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