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Isolation is man's best friend at times
A.K.A. seclusion
I've came to the conclusion
That I just can't be around the B.S.
A.K.A. the bullshit
The lies, the slander, the gossip
The games, the hatred, the jealousy
A.K.A. the envy
What's the reason for it?
It doesn't make sense
Just wasted energy
A.K.A. misery
It's really quite sad
Adults behaving like adolescents
Adding a few feet to the generational gap
Just like not every grown-up wanna have
Not every youngster wanna be had
A few spoiled heads make the bunch go bad
A.K.A. a bad influence
I sit back and observe
And I ask myself
Is this the knowledge I want to inherit?
Does it hold any merit?
Will it benefit me in the long run?
I have to ask myself these things
Because the answers are within me
Nobody else just me
A.K.A. me, myself, and I
That's all I got to go by
I know when I'm lying or telling the truth
Everybody else has to show me solid proof
Because everybody has the potential to lie
We're all human
We can't escape the inevitable
But to keep it on the "I"
I'm convinced I have to try
For my sake and my sanity
I know I have to try
A.K.A. effort
A.K.A. progress

Written by L. Johnson


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