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Getting Bold

Nowadays I feel so alive
Feeling energized and I got my drive
Still society fail to realize
The inferno raging within my brown eyes
Now I'm off to claim my prize
It's about time I blaze a few trails
No longer concerned whether I'll succeed or fail
I'm sharp as a tack and tough as nails
Victory is mine I shall prevail
For I refuse to hold on to fear
Even though I appear to be weird
Just to prove I'm not anything but sincere
I'll shout it from the rooftops for the whole world to hear
Just to be clear
I don't mind skipping to a different beat
I don't mind being different from the boys on my street
There were times I thought I couldn't take the heat
But something in me wouldn't admit defeat
I just can't accept being incomplete
No more being discreet
I'll embrace being unique
I mean why should I change?
Because society thinks I'm strange?
Because I choose to have range?
To be unorthodox
Not locked in a box
Like a caged animal
Or a jailed criminal
My first amendment rights are far from minimal
When I attack
It's to the max
So please stand back
And let me do me
Be me and be free
For the whole world to see
Because I'm more than just a flea
In an expanding sea
Of the human population in the N.Y.C.

Written by L. Johnson


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