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Chasing The American Nightmare

Yeah I've been hurt before but who hasn't
Life is rarely a beauty pageant
It can get real ugly at times
People struggle to make life lovely and shine
Like rare gems and precious stones
But chasing them stones can break your bones
Broken under pressure
People perform less than friendly gestures
Rob, steal, kill, and lie
People nowadays just live to die
Creating a false sense or losing all sense
Of hope
Either way it's suicide with a rope
People just hanging themselves out to dry
Giving up their lives chasing a high
Whether it's drugs, fame, or fortune galore
Some causes aren't really worth dying for
Most youth jump in this life head first
Most old school cats try to put it in reverse
Society's tempo is so out of rhythm
People move at their own pace that's a given
But we must pace ourselves or else we'll crash
We can't stand still but we can't move too fast
For these changing times we need cruise control
Take it step by step eventually we'll meet our goals
It's a fact that everyone had to adapt
To their situations and where they're at
I mean there's nothing wrong with chasing perfection
All we need people is a sense of direction

Written by L. Johnson


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