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Kind Of Love

Couldn't help but fall
I had to risk it all
His love made me crawl
I went through withdrawal
Bouncing off the walls
Like a rubber ball
A ball of emotions
Clashing like oceans
At high tide
I'm drowning inside
Help me save me
It's driving me crazy
Helpless as an infant
Practice no resistance
Because in an instant
I'll choose him over anyone different
It's useless hopeless
I'm sure people have noticed
I'm under his rule
A love struck fool
People are aware
I simply don't care
Yes I'm a slave that'll follow him anywhere
If he goes to hell I'll be right there
Burning yearning
Even when I'm hurting
And he's the cause
I'll overlook his flaws
And accept him for who he is
As long as we both shall live
The pain he brings the love he gives
I never get enough
Of all the stuff
He's put me through
The deja vu's
Swinging moods
I eat it up like food
It's delicious malnutrition
Clear my plate then break dishes
In addition
To him being an angel after being vicious
I'll never be finished
With his monkey business
What kind of love is this?

Written by L. Johnson


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