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Whatever Happened To Us?

Whatever happened to us?
There are so many matters to discuss
We've grown so out of touch
Maybe I pressured you too much
I expected you to be the only person I trust
While my faith is sitting on the shelf collecting dust
Clouding my vision making my eyes water
Everything is so out of order
Whatever happened to me?
The person I used to be
Before me became we
Before I lost my identity
Who am I to try and change for a guy?
Who doesn't respect me or even care if I die
Lie after lie paves the way
For the road that'll lead me astray
Whatever happened to you?
What you've been going through?
You're not yourself you're different
You hardly listen
You're always distant
You're always missing
Non-existent that's what you are
Always held up at the next man's bar
Just to get drunk to come home and fuss
Whatever happened to us?

Written by L. Johnson


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