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I find it strange I find it weird
You make my troubles disappear
How you do it is quite unclear
Wiped my tears removed my fears
Your love just melt away the years
That's why I have to have you near
Got to have you close to me
That's how it's supposed to be
As long as you're on my arm
There's no need for any alarm
Keep me calm with all your charm
With you I feel safe from harm
Your confidence it turns me on
You make right out of my wrongs
Your honesty it keeps me strong
It's the secret behind my brawn
And you keep me on my toes
As our love just grows and grows
Like the flowers in the garden
I don't care for superstardom
I don't want it I don't need it
I can't conceal my feelings
My bitterness have been sweetened
With you around I feel completed

Written by L. Johnson


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