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he couldnt sleep
couldnt eat
couldnt look her
in her eyes
until he couldnt
see his feet
flooded by despair
drowning in disappointment
he loved the one hard
said he was always there
until the end and even
from the start
now he's hurting
with a broken heart
only time will heal
even heal hers too
for a woman scorned
is a woman blue
yet there is another
was outside looking in
now part of the circle
realizing the situation within
she has understanding
of the love and the pain
but to love or hate in confusion
would only cause a strain
each could blame the other
hold bitterness in the heart
but it wouldn't make things better
only pull what was
further and further apart
things happen for a reason
and only one source knows
because before we were here
our life story had already been told
so we must feel what we feel
learn, watch and grow
take from our experiences
because whatever is meant to be
only time will
allow it to show
the love that is

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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