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Did you Forget

i sometimes dont want to be here
i sometimes rather you not come near
not because i dont love you
but because i dont like what you say
did you forget that i am woman
soft and delicate    wings of an angel
i thought that's what you said one day
or does that only apply
when you feel inside of me
never mind of my emotions
never mind you crush me
each time you speak against me
never mind i have strength,
but it appears you think i'm weak
there is no true respect
if you cant direct your thoughts
continuing to stifle, muffle me
where is your patience...leader????
if i do not know or show ignorance
lead and teach me....teacher
dont beat me mentally......
because soon ridgid will become my heart
for a while i may stay, but if there is no change
soon thereafter i'll have no choice but to depart
a release from the feeling of inequality
thought i was your partner
or was the thought a hypocrisy
you must convince me that i am more
convince me that you care
or let me go
if love you are unwilling to share

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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