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tired of the everyday struggle
tired of people not understanding
who i am and what i am about
three beautiful girls who i would give the world
seems like i can't do it all
although i try and push on
i'm tired
tired of the sorry ass baby daddy
who doesn't give a damn
tired of the one who doesn't act like a man
tired of trying to make ends meet
living check to check...week by week
economy twisted
not anticipating much more money on that next pay raise...
they say more education is the key
but in the mean time
i'm still being me
not placing blame, it's no one else's fault
just a matter of choices made, perhaps even circumstance
but still, i'm tired as shit and wishing i had a chance,
to get out of this nightmare that just won't end
lord forgive me because i know it's a sin...
to worry over things which i have no control
but if i could just get ahead i believe i would feel whole
as i regain my faith and keep you first
remembering this too shall pass
the troubles of this earth

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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