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Why do I love Thee

how do i love thee
let me count thy ways
why do i love thee
on good even bad days
all i can do is continue to try
but if the love isn't equal
then it's like a thorn in my side
i sit and ponder
holding back...and trying not to cry
only to keep my smile and my pride
one must know that
to love is to take a chance
whoever said it would be
a guaranteed romance
so if you never loved before
slow it down there is no rush
take your time
to avoid the abdominal crush
lock it up and keep it safe
for as long as you can
for a broken heart
is terribly hard to repair fix or mend
even if one tries to bend
over backwards
there's no apology afterwards
that can make it like it was
only left with the motions
why did i love

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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