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She never knew love
as she gave herself
to the unavailable
didnt understand
why they left her empty
trying to figure
out the answers
to the same question
why is she alone....
running them off
with her mouth
tried to manage
and change
but no rearrangement
came about
no celebration
of any formation
looking in the dark
what's this all about
still crying looking
for more answers
who's fault is it...
her mother's
or the other lady
who picked her up
on that sad sad day
looking back
at her childhood
never had a chance
could she somehow
start over
learn the right way
let who ever he is
work it out and stay
takes discipline
heart stays broke
dont want to be lonely
dont want to
get yoked
maybe if she
had experience
of family
she wouldnt
want it so bad
even if she never
really had
a mom and a dad
if she was taught
to think different
perhaps she could recognize
a good man passing
but not pass him up...
how can she have
what was never taught
and her girls
how could they
win a fight that was never ever fought
no images
of positive relationships
only sinking ships
outgrowth of man and woman
existence mimicking a smear
feeling some way
with tear after tear
her soul burning

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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