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This Race

Smell the roses and
wake up it what they said
but today is tomorrow
this aint a school daze…
i search and search
for true understanding…
when all the time
im left standing
in the midst of
some real crazy shit
looking around me
taking hit after hit
it's like sitting in the sun
heat baking on my back
skin start to peel
dont know how to react
ignorance cant appreciate
the real of what they get
slow down
wake up
so you dont get in a wreck
what may be new
or maybe even different
will turn to old
if you think its insufficient
stop thinking stupid
and get it together
loop it wrap it
whatever to make it stick
like gum on a shoe
dont waste so much time
just doing you
cause space is a mutha
if it's not occupied
by something or another
slow down and realize
what's in front
is the prize
there is no first second or third place
cause if its one thing to remember
we all have to run this race

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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