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"one life"

he once told her
the only thing constant
is change
so why would she
consider to rearrange
her surroundings,
her habits
one life to live....
so now is the time
that she grabs it
better known as opportunity
cleansing of self
to gain total purity
an example within
the home and community
not a perfect woman
yet striving for perfection
stronger than she knew
with each revelation
always searching for truth
this is not new
been searching since her youth
are her answers near
or will all remain unknown
uncertainty produces yet another tear
as it burns reality into her flesh
who is she and what does she want
questions that initiates a pounding in her chest
misplaced emotion
as she strives to stay focused
history seems to be in full rotation
complications of the heart
for there was never a he
now then or from the start
no he obtainable, to show
this precious flower how to endure
much of what she would need to know
strength she acquired
where it all came from...unsure
so she
now clings
to he
no simulation
but a true authentication
of what he is to be
in this one life
constantly changing...
to live

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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