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"some thing"

this girl
she different
strange in some
sort of way
what is it with her
is she cr-a-a-a-zy
she look all right
dress kinda tight
walk with a funny sway
aint got shit
but always got shit to say
talking bout
where she wanna go
what she want to do
this woman got three kids
and only going on thirty-two
seems like she smart
good head on her shoulders
but damn does she ever finish
what she start
had two relationships
let them go
said they both were
moving incredibly slow
got one piece of paper
its not enough
to shape her with
a preferred style of living
many ideas flip flop
while giving in between....
she best get able
or she'll never seem
what's her thought process
in la-la land
about that long white dress
but she cant wear white
oh yeah forgot she aint
you know
a saint...pure as
the driven snow
she said she be
on them knees
what be the reason
said asking her god
to avoid a life of treason
for truth and reflection
keep praying sister
he'll yield protection
see her some days
like she sold
her soul
shes been told
she cant control
all what is
you speaking on deaf ears
that girl
dont hear
she think its suppose
to be some way
aint never satisfied
told her it would be okay
think some body
need to give her a hug
or something
cause for real for real
she be buggin
but she good peoples
rare in a sense
just trying
to fulfill a purpose
somewhere within

Written by Lynette Jefferies


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