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I need an awakening
A new feeling
I need my caramel chocolate brother to heal me
I done had too many weak fellows
Trying to play with my mind
Looking at this body going blind
To anything else
I don't want no one night stand
So you can get a little piece of my caramel
Leave me feigning
Dry heaving and wheezing
Losing my breath and screaming
Then just leaving me
Because I'm not wifey

I need an awakening
My soul needs teaching
Of how to love with feeling
More than just your biceps and triceps
Gripping my thighs just the way I like
I want you to hold me tonight
Love me without lust inside
Tell me that maybe
One day I could be your wife
Have some little gangstas walking around
My son your son that sounds nice
But are you feeling me that way
You ever even considered the day
I would ask you something like that
Do you love me?
Or is just sex
But I guess… if I have to ask
The answer must be…. YES!

I need an awakening
I need a change
I'm not the same
I don't need a booty call
No more to heal my pain
I want something real in my life
A man more concerned with my mind
Then my bra size
But it goes so much deeper
I'm more of the problem than he is
I need to do some inner healing
Learn how to love myself
So that he can love me more
God send me a man that loves me
For me
Not just for my body

I need an awakening
I need a healing
I need a love with feeling

I'm ready for my awakening...

Written by Poeticlyricist


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