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I Fell in Love With a Dream

By chance I found you,
Fate met me half way and I saw your face,
Got caught up in your sultry eyes,
Fell head first into the warmth of your hug,
Smelled your sweet smell and I was hooked,
I took one look into your brown pools,
Staring at me and I knew it was something,
Different about you,
Was it the way you smiled,
The sweet words you spoke,
Your swagger your flavor,
That had me running to the phone,
Hoping it was you thinking of me,
Was it the poetic verses you wrote,
Describing your love for me,
Melting away my insecurities,
With words so heartfelt and bittersweet,
Was it the passionate way you kissed me,
To the moon and back,
Held me tender yet tighter as I asked,
Knew where and when to grab,
But not just your body you so kindly offered,
You gave me a whole new world,
To dream in as you intrigued me,
With all you've done,
All your hopes ambitions and desires,
Surpassed my conscious mind,
And in time I found myself wanting to travel,
The journey with you hand and hand,
Stand with you and discover my path,
With someone I'm proud to be with,
I fell in love,

I fell in love with a dream,

It's not real just yet,

But one day,

   One day,

If I keep praying,

I'll find him......

Written by Poeticlyricist


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