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Color Blind

Can you see this picture painted so black and white?
Distorted images fill our minds blind our sight
We act as shadows blending into the night
Like black letters printed on a white page
We as a people shouldn't be representing ourselves this way
Telling our children that it's okay to talk with no articulation
Because it's a white thang
To strive for higher education
Instead we hold on to slang, slurs, and made up words
Embracing it like the liquor in our hands and the hooker on the curb
Flying on that welfare plane headed straight for the ground
Losing pressure falling down
Down …...
Into the poverty stricken street beat
Of projects and drug busts and us acting nig ger ish
Color blind to our own skin

But what about all the ones who came before us
Riding that Underground Train
Dismissing the slave name
Fighting opposition hoping for a revolution
So that we could be recognized
As something more than a separate species
Misunderstood and marked for distinction
Brown and black faces with one purpose
To overcome by any means necessary
Overturning "Whites Only" counter tops
Refusing to stand on hatred's bus
Freedom marching a million hands
Bonded together united standing for something
Never taking for granted all fought for and given
Proud to be black men and black women

But now all I can see is black and white faces
With no trace
Of any pride left in the race
A picture painted without different color pallets
Inferior we are not yet we act it
It's not enough just to claim our blackness
We need to see beyond our tinted glasses
Reach for a higher level than we can see
Believe in something more have a dream
Don't settle for a mediocre existence
Hold on to that powerful force within us
See with perfect vision
Refusing to be

Color blind to our own skin

Written by Poeticlyricist


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