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If my love were meat and bread
And sweet cool wine to drink,
They would not be enough,
For I must have a finer table spread
To sate my entity.

If her lips were rubies red,
Her eyes two sapphires blue,
Her fingers ten sticks of white jade,
Coral tipped ... and her hair of purple hue
Hung down in a silken shawl ...
They would not be enough
To fill the coffers of my need.

If her thoughts were arrows
Ever speeding true
Into the core of my mind,
And her voice round notes of melody
No nightingale or lark
Could ever hope to sing ...
Not even these would be enough
To keep my constancy.

But if my love did whisper
Her song into another's ear
Or place the tip of one pink nail
Upon another's hand,
Then would I forever be
A willing prisoner ...
Chained to her side by uncertainty!

Written by Mae V. Cowdery (1909-1953)


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