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Faith Lost but Found

When did she stop trusting?
Why did she stop loving?
Who caused her to stop caring?
Where did it happen?
How did it occur?
Just what did it?
What made her lose faith in her fellow human beings both male and female?
She thinks it was her dad using women.
She thinks it was her observation of how her mom handled men and vice versa.
She thinks it was the dysfunctional relationships that existed before he was born.
that causes her to be this way.
But now with God's grace it's time for her to solve it.
Whatever it is.
Negativity, jealousy. Lack of love.
There are so many people who love her yet she can't see clearly with her blinders on.
She needs to take them off before they cost her love life and sanity.

Written by Maleeka M.


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