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I needed (Revised)

I needed you to love me.
It was a necessity for you to love me because
I didn't love me and I was too stubborn to learn.
I needed you to want me. No one has ever wanted me.
Not my parents. Not my family. No one. Not even you. Yup it's true.
I was pleasing people instead of pleasing God
and that method has proved to be a failure.
I needed you to marry me.
I thought our relationship would become better
when it reached that level but
I've come to the realization that we have to cultivate
a beautiful relationship before marriage because
then, just then, we can make it more beautiful.
Does that sound like a plan to you?
I needed you to miss me.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Too much presence pushes people away.
I just wanted to be sure I was the person that
always entered your mind.
I needed you to control me.
The life I was leading wasn't making me whole.
So I thought you would lead my life and I would follow
but I haven't gotten very far with that neither.
Why? Because God created me to be a leader that had relinquished
power but I got it back.
I needed to hold me. Hug me. Kiss me. Please me.
I never wanted to let go!
But oh, it's all cause I didn't know how to satisfy the God in me.
I do now because God's in me.
Spirit to spirit. Leading the way.
I'm learning how to love me, how to kiss me, how to miss me,
how to nurture me, how to elevate me, how to ascend to higher heights
and I had to for me to be a powerful woman of God.

Written by Maleeka M.


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