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A Ghetto's Hell

Colored chick with hands on her hips
Behind swaying
Left hand flailing
Just coming from the salon
Girlfriend just got her nails done
Gel in her hair to slick it down
Blond and red ponytail
Needing that diva look in her part of town
Putting on airs thinking more than she is
But ghetto fabulous is how she lives
Attitude abounding, clowning yesterday's man
Cause the niggah ain't got but a dollah in his hand
Swattin flies, with tears in her eyes
Lookin to be discovered by anyone who will notice
Her imperfections, by the rawness of her perfected womanhood?
Every drop of her dreams
Being poured into the reality
In the pale green Tupperware tumbler
A free gift, not being able to purchase the set
Setting her eyes on getting free of the hood
Un-announced and misunderstood…
Picking up on eyes on her outfit
Who does she think she is?
Not rich, but trying to get there
Selling God's gift to any man who would have her
Trusting the mirror to love her with lies
Telling tales of ageless wonders
Thick thighs and big feet
Just strong enough
To carry her through the ghetto streets
Bright yellow sandals clicking on the vile infested blocks
This colored chick with a hand on her hip
Faceless black men make mention of her figure
Continued clicking, not noticing and not caring
None have enough money to offer
For the touch of her left hand flailing
The soft educated touch of this colored chick
Making eyes roll in the back of heads turning
As she rounds the corner
By the local bar
Standing, waiting,
With old white men
Promising God that this is the last one
Only to repent daily for sinning
Doing everything she can
To free herself from the pits of
A ghetto's hell

Written by Mama Mickey


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