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Believe me its not you

Kinda thought that you knew
That its not you
Believe me when I tell you
I've got some growin to do
You with all of your tell tell looks
Like you've done something wrong
Showing me that you're hiding it after all
Busting your behind to stay away from that call
But its all ok
It not you at all
It me,
I thought you knew
Sharing secrets with the guy downstairs
Getting stares from all the unawares
But I see you out of the corner of my eye
Fluttering around like a butterfly
Secret glances
Holding hands and
Quiet smooches
Side by side
You be you, go ahead
Its something that I've got to live with
Showin your true self
Bouncing in and out of places
Going on midnight dates and
Sneekin around the corners
Right out of eyesight
But really not quite
Seeing pictures of you
With your Fashion Fair eye shadow
And lipstick
But, but, I, I, I'm ok with it
Believe me, it's not you
It's me…
Damn, It Is Me…

Written by Mama Mickey


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