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Condescending ego
Lingo to unawares
Showing your soul to
Unassuming eyes blind to stares
Voice of nails on a chalkboard
Uppity negro with the suit
Briefcase in hand, looking aloof
Brackish cowling of verbs
Sho nuff getting on a sistah's nerves
Cocky uppity coon, ain't gotta clue
Looking down his nose
What he calls uneducated black souls
Looking above and beyond
The realm of possibilities
He's just a step away from
Poverty himself
White shirt torn
Under the arm to unawares
Black and blue socks not paired
But still
The condescending ego flairs
Blue collar unacceptable
Daddy did it
Didn't give a flip
Bout him or mama
Boy don't you dare judge me
I'm your daddy
I'm about to slap you
Keep staring at me
You ain't no better
Promised never to be
On the assembly line
In the factory
Piecing together his life
White girl for a wife
Marrying her
Like a knife in his heart
But whatever it took
He swore never again
So now he walks around
With a condescending ego
And a lie for a life
For truth to never be found

Written by Mama Mickey


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