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For it is written
When pen and paper meet
Words dance across the pages like
Swinging in Harlem, in the 1950's at the Savoy
Descriptions are read like
Bessie Smith singing the blues or
Cab Calloway bellowing at the Cotton Club
Down to earth and struggling
Black words tell of woes of the times
The ache to beat the oppressor
The forgiveness and cries for help
Needing God to come in and answer
Lyrical motions of the swiftness of the pen
Create an atmosphere of freedom and revivals
With the spiritual overtones freeing the damned
Writing intensifies the mind, heart and soul
Clapping your hands to the beat of the verbs
Calling upon Kings and Queens, nouns abounding
Taping you pen or clicking the keys on the keyboard
To a song in your head, letting the words flow through the vision
For it is written
That everyone should read the hearts of the misplaced African
Coping on paper with the injustices of the world
Metronomically tap dancing rehearsed verses
Lyrical rhythmic alphabetical formations
Constructing an architectural marvel of phrases
Conquering mountains that were disguised as molehills
For it is written
Adoring the poetic extension of your lover
Speaking in prose as love is emptied
Scripting alliteration of verses while trying to maintain
"Black body bellows beyond beauty"
Stuttering, mind goes blank for a bit
Soon to be back in sync with the pen
Conjuring up spirits of unseen fears
Afraid to connect the pen and paper
Remembering yesterday's vision that you wrote down
But never did
Scheming to write a note of admiration to a secret admirer
Squeezing your brain for
Like pricking your finger and noticing that one drop of blood
The flow not quite right
Words coming at you left and right, catching them as if
You're catching fire flies in the eastern summer nights
Putting them in jars trying to hold on to something so beautiful
But if you don't write, the words will surely die.
Fore it needs to be written

Written by Mama Mickey


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