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Sweeter than the honey in a honeycomb
Your love interrupts my sleepy awakenings
Presenting a brand new hue that shows you…Black King
Chocolate mousse, your skin rich and deep rooted
You sway me
Persuade me
To say thank you
And bless God for you continually daily
Beliefs in unsuspected feelings of bliss
When we kiss
The very depth of proportional souls
Mated equally
Respectfully of the beauty that it holds
One foot in a land unfamiliar to our passion
But rationing trying to compromise the justification of
Americanized loving hearts that still dwell in the womb of home
Mama Africa
Patience my sweet king while we begin the journey of sensual love
Sent by God from the highest heaven
Beautiful black man
Masculinity abounding while maintaining integrity
Don't rush this love
Allow me to drink you into my being while freeing my mind
Being alive I usher in an alluring peace
Separating fantasy from reality
Black warrior I adore you, believe in you,
Bask in your majestic allure reality
While I cleave to you
And smell the smoke that permeates from your skin
Letting this beautiful journey begin
Slowly sipping on your sweet nectar
And feasting in your honey comb

Written by Mama Mickey


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge