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…Young black
Driven by the wayside
On the underside of self
…Young black
Too cautious for their own good
Standing where I once stood
But too young to obtain
Knowledge not retained
Blamed on a society
Priority on prosperity
And notoriety
Responsible for invention
For unlearning
Not to pay attention
To the upbringing
Forever seared into the brain
A distant memory refrained
…Young black
Looking for attention
In the wrong direction
But gets it anyway
Wearing colors to stay
With the new found family
Needing to eat and a place to sleep
Slinging dope
Growing up fast
…just to cope
Blind to the inside of class
Except for the one taught on the block
Stashing the glock used to kill another
…Young black- brotha
Who looked just like him
Same one who told them
That he stole from them
Wanting to be like them
Never saw them
For the young black
Running with no where to go
Slowed by the first bullet
…In the leg
Dead by the second
…To the head
For my loss
I fold inside myself
At my cost
Another young black strong brotha….

Written by Mama Mickey


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