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Being black and being intelligent can be deadly
Not physically but emotionally.
Often times I feel like I have to dumb myself down in order to keep
From seeming stuck up or a MS. KNOW IT ALL.
I often see my black brothers and sister who end up never amounting to
anything, and that's not where I want to be.
I am a young black girl who is happy being her.
Happy being educated.
Happy knowing that with a little bit of hard work,
I can achieve the most high.
My own kind looks down on me because of this.
Because I want to rise above this chaos.
Because I want to have a better life.
I'm already left out because I appear to be too light.
But what
Does it matter if my skin is of a butterscotch hue?
Am I less of a black person?
Am I unworthy of being with my own kind?
So you see, I have it the worst.
Due to my skin and my well spoken intellect.
At first I wanted to hide behind my ability to shift my swagger
And blend in with the quote on quote "Black" crew.
But now I've realized that I am no better or no less worthy to call myself black.
I am no longer afraid to be intelligent.
I am no longer willing to hide me true self to satisfy someone's ego.
I am going to be myself.
A young girl who is now able to accept the fact that she is

Written by Mania M.


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