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I decided to throw it all away
All the doubts and previous hardships that I have encountered
In order to open up my heart and love again
See, I'm in love and it's like no other
It's different because every moment of everyday is spent thinking of him
It's different because if I am away from him for more than 15 minutes I begin to miss him
Unexpectantly he came to me
And at first I was thinking "could this be real?"
But then as time progressed I realized that he is everything that I ever dreamed of
He is the one that I can see myself with for an eternity
His smile is so contagious and warms my heart by just the thought
His eyes are memorizing and in them I gaze and get lost
His lips are of nothing less than a portal that lets me experience utter bliss
His arms are there to hold me and in them I feel so safe
And the words that he whispers in my ears are words of love and
Compassion that is so real
He is like no other,
No other has ever made me feel the way that he does
See, he may not be perfect but it's ok because I know that God has made him just for me
For me to share in his intelligence and kind heartedness
He is like no other,
He is the one that when I look at him I know that my world will be ok
When I think of how he's there for me and how special he makes me feel
It makes me realize that love is possible
That there is someone out there just for me
So I will take advantage of the time that I have with him
Cherish every moment that I am in his arms
And just think to myself,
I wouldn't have it any other way
Being with the one that's like no other

Written by Mania M.


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