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A Crisply, Folded Flag

Memorial to all the fallen and their families [(military, police/gov't agencies, fire fighters)(local,
state, & federal
)] If you read this, then you'll see that you can fit police officers/FBI, firemen, and
the millitary into these situations. R.I.P.

Envision the people who salute
The flag flapping in the breeze
Of the red, the white, and the blue
They die everyday for me and for you

Envision that mother who cries
When the messenger arrives
To tell her that her son has died
His plot he will soon reside

Envision a loving, faithful wife
Who invests her time and soul into him
Never being able to reap the good life
Cuz Poof! Gone! Up in smoke is his life

Envision the task that befalls that mom
As she must tearfully explain to her kids,
Who are waiting for dad to come home,
That that day will never come

Envision those friends, siblings, & cousins
Who lose their buddy, their pal, their ace
And face an eternal emptiness within
Never being able to see him again

Envision the tribute of the horns and guns
A well deserved salute for a job well done,
Too bad you've now gone,
Hopefully to your Heavenly home

Hold the candlelight vitual in your heart
No matter who you are
As if you knew the departed,
As if you lost a piece of your own heart

For those cops, the military, and firemen
Who protected me everyday and to their families,
I hope that through time your loss heals, mends
And I offer you my most heartfelt condolences

So, please behold the crisply, folded flag issued
To the families of the fallen;
After all, they gave their lives for me and for you
Patriotically for the red, the white, and the blue

Written by Marcus Mitchell


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