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She's So Fine!

Looking at her beautiful body
That meets and exceeds
All of my predefined illusions
Of adequacy,
Causes fantastic visions
Of erotic, exotic X-rated material
For mature adults only

Looking at her beautiful body
Makes me feel her soft nose
Rubbing gently against mine,
Holding her close,
And the kissing and necking
That follows,
Making soft places, hard,
It makes me think
Of the proverbial "ins and outs"
And the "ups and downs"
Of love making,
I just get so overwhelmed
As if under some ridiculous
Fairy tale's magical love spell

Looking at her beautiful body,
I cross my fingers
And hope the feelings
Are mutual,
And know that
Somehow, some way,
I must find the courage
From deep down inside
To ask her out
And then get to know her,
So, that I can marry her
And make her fine behine, mine,
And make my fantasy a reality

Inspiration: I was talking about that although I have the same desires and fantasies as any other heterosexual
male, I am very much old fashioned and want marriage before any sexual encounter. The first stanza is just
saying that all of us have an idea (predefined logic) of what they think a fine person looks like, about
how this woman meets and exceeds what I think a fine woman is, and how when you see someone
like this the fantasy phase begins (mind starts to run wild on the love tip). Also, when you come
across that fine woman, then you get similiar thoughts and feelings of the heart!

Written by Marcus Mitchell


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