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The Plight of the Spotted, Speckled, Injured Blue Jay

Ever think that there's so much more
To this gigantic world
Than just little ole' me?
Does it always have
To be
Me, Me, Me?
How naive, yet egotistic!

Ever stop to think
That you only
Amount to a grain of sand?
A blade of grass, if you will,
Then why are you
Trying to be the whole darn island?

Ever come across
That spotted, speckled,
Or even injured blue jay?
See how pathetic that he is?
Alone and forgotten,
Suffering, darn near dying,
His appropriate color
Being truly blue,
But put yourselves
In his shoes,
What would you do
If this happened to you?
Would you want to be
Alone and forgotten,
Suffering, darn near dying,
While no one cares?
I think not!

So, consider the plight
Of the spotted, speckled,
Or injured blue jay,
If you can't be there,
Then at least show that you care!

Inspiration: We have to care for the less fortunate! Put yourself in someone's else's shoes!

Written by Marcus Mitchell


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