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The Diamonds are a Woman's Best Friends

The diamonds are so, so beautiful
Man! Oh! Man! how they sparkle!
Being so bright
That everyone, everything else
Fades to black
So mesmorizing, hypnotizing, inviting
That I just had to have you!
Admiring you,
Once I walked into view,
Is how I knew that I wanted you


Also, the diamonds are so, so sharp
Able to cut right through me
Like a hot knife through butter
I mean, that sapphire stare!
Can I hope to get away with
My lies and indiscretions?
Will I dare to dissapoint them?
No way, Jose'!
So, will I keep polishing them?
You betta believe it!

Inspiration: I was thinking of how attractively beautiful a woman's eyes are, but also, how a woman can tell you to
look her straight in the eye and tell if you're lying (cutting through any deception). Diamonds are among the most
beautiful jewels, but can also cut through almost anything (this on both counts are a woman's eyes). Also, if you
get on her bad side, then you get that cutting look. Women you know what I'm talking about! You
don't want to get on a woman's bad side, No way, Jose'!

Written by Marcus Mitchell


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