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Strong Woman

There are those days
Every now and then
Where i pretend that everythings ok
And im so happy, There are times
I Write and the Ink Dries

There are times i smile to hide the pain
Burying it beneath, the stress and grief
There are moments when i feel like crying
I just give up trying
and in those few moments i forget
Thats life,I'll always have to deal with strife

I Think of god and pray
Pray to take this pain away
and in that moment i forget
theres other women who go
Through worse each day
But they are weak
Im strong,Yeah a strong woman indeed
A Strong woman,Thats Me

There were years as a child
where i watched my parents fight
and shout and i cried,always wondering why
there were moments when
i thought i was weak
let people walk over me
There was a time i lost a bestfriend
and when she left,i thought it was the end

I Thought of god and prayed
prayed to bring her back to me
then my mother said: God takes life and give,there are people
who lose loved ones each day
But they are weak,they have no faith
Friends come and go some will stay
But im strong, a strong woman indeed
A Strong woman,Yeah thats me

Written by Meedah M.


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