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Crooked cops, unmilitary minds, and politicians
Live their lives in shame,Like great slave traders
Haven't they found life so exciting enough
To live together in peace and harmony
Forgetting the brainwash from Babylon

U see my friend in this life pain is love
Have you ever wondered what makes money so scares
And why times are always hard
And why the cheat, lie and deceit
What do you do to face the bad weather
Do you stay in the dark and pretend to be upright
In this life we live our lives in the dark
In this life we cheat and lie
In this life we envy works of Satan
In this life you need to stay put
In this life people uses one another
In this life someone take too much
In this life there is no equal share
In this life,in this time got to know one self

In this time we need not to be like that man with horns
Who used to come here rob, cheat, kill , and rape woman and children
What is it that they have gained ?
This are just the works of immortality
Works of the ungodly
In this life we need to choose a way
Right way to live our own belittle lives
In this time we need to have ties with the almighty

And now this time in this life time has changed
And its now time for all us to change
Now tell me Would you?

Written by Thapelo Medupe


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