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great are the kings and queens of Africa
oh! How greatfull you are my beloved country
all the things you have taugh tme from as little as a kid
walked barefooted in the muddy roads of the ghetto
trying to find the solution to what life is bringing
and yet I was prisoner to poverty and a victim of the system

would you call me a rebel if I don't agree with what you say?
Would you call me babylon if my heart breeds greed and hate?
Wouldn't it be nice if I went to school and become a lawyer?
Would you love me more if I followed you're teachings?
Isn't you who came and taught us about colour greed and envy?
From whenever have you belittled our intergrity?

In the churches and synagoga parties breed hate
And in an african heart we breeding love
In my doings you tried and tried to take control of me
Police force me, brutalize in me.
Oh what a damn disgrace.

Deeply concerned as I am for my brothers in iraq
Deeply concerned about the statue of liberty in America
Deeply concerned about life itself
See how they pollute the earth with ways of greed
Seeking power tring to control the world
With malicious intend to destroy it
Maybe I am a mad man
Driven close to reality by the means of spiritual guidance
And yes I am deeply concerned.

Written by Thapelo Medupe


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