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what is it that they say?
we gonna soon rejoice.
soon it's gonna be revealead.
who the true son of man is?
why cant we rejoice coz ?
its just around the corner.
and its soon gonna be christmast.
and we all gonna sing and dance.

Christmas is on its way.
Joy is here to say .
Jesus the son of mary is born again today.
And all the wickedness in high places will soon perish.
Politicians busy sharpening their knives.
Telling the boys in blue to destroy us.
To keep killing us.

Kill them before they grow is what they taught them.
They don't know he is there.
Citizens argue!
Sharpening their brains
Trying to find the answer to the questions.
Trying to keep down Babylon.

Against all odds.
Even though life is hard.
Only time will tell.
For joy is here to stay.
Son of man jesus Christ.
Is here to destroy every chain.
No time to wait for the moment.

Written by Thapelo Medupe


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