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Love should be able to conquer
All the temptation and tribulation
That moves along with life.
How many of us can face the day
Trying so hard to be upright and godly.

Even though life is hard to carry on,
We need to have strength and hope.
Thought I would see a day with sunshine.
Coz drizzle would mend my heart better.
But what I have from time to time,
Is heartache, pain, envy and jealousy.

Feeling the teardrops within my soul.
Killing, cheating and deceit
Is like eye for an eye that
Makes the world go blind.
Like dollar that changes man.

In life one needs to think straight.
Don't let the system press ya thoughts
Or way of life.Strength of a man resides in his brain.
Strength and hope, please get into me and,

Free me from all the injustices of this world
give me strength and hope to conquer my fears
And stand upright like a lion born from the African soil
that was from coal and diamonds of the queen of Sheba in Ethiopia.

Written by Thapelo Medupe


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