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i listened to deceased voices
movers and shakers when alive,
now the obsession of daydreamas.
i fought the urge to not to touch the radio dial
to turn away from a shorty's adieu.
she's pleading and says how she's lost without you

but what do you do?

I'll surf the airwaves only to find myself deeeep and steeeeped in syncopation
Another deceased young, talented frustration
lost his life in mid-sumation
who lied
they no longer confide
about his bestfriend's wife's temptation
try to boost his west coast reputation
all the while spitting the most truth since old school hip-hop voices

and i fight the urge to let the radio play
the last breaths of those who have changed the face of music
only to have a vessel stripped of his chance for message
those who set many heads boppin to beats
rocking deep in thought
those who were not perfect but prefect and still had something to say
i fought the urge to listen
'cause we've all shed a tear in secret and once is enough
but a place in time holds this moment forever

i listened to deceased voices
remind me of better dayz where they existed beyond a daydreama's obsession
not trapped in memory behind the radio dial.

Written by Melody Barnett


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