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Alive and Well

Better not bitter is what I am these days
Productive in thought no longer infertile in actions
My vision is 20/20 as yesterday I was totally blind
I am out from underneath the veil of despair, darkness
In the abyss of hell that had no seasons

Why you may ask
Love has come inhabit my half dead soul
The fire in my heart has been rekindled
He came and told me if you fall
I will catch you and if you cry
My lips will drink in your tears and pain

How did we find love
The energy of the earth
Charted a course for our souls
I am he and he is me and we are one
With the earth, moon and sun
By the divine intervention and
Ascension of the Love of the Most
High that some believe inhabits the sky

Better no bitter is what I am these days

Written by D. Michele


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