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There you look at me
And I feel unable to breath
My heart starts to race
Anticipating your embrace

I watch your eyes as the caress
Me from head to toe stopping at
My thighs from a distance

Are what my eyes behold
In front of me what I believe
Is part of my soul
Could this be you

The years have come and go
Only if your heart could know
How my soul is impregnated
With the essence of you

As I have waited to lay upon your chest
And you tell me is okay
I am here to stay

You kiss my tear soaked cheeks
Oh how sweet your lips are
To drink in my pain of loneliness

There is no space as
We have the first embrace
Not even air would even
Could penetrate this place

As I partake of your kiss
Being one of things on my
List to do when I see you.

My dreams have come true
And I am now a part you
Everyday in ever way I plan to
Show you my love that is pure as
Mothers' love to her baby
I ask God that you never
Leave my sight

For I have know found Love, Hope and Joy

Written by D. Michele


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